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Portable Cutting System



MAG9000 portable marine cutting system with 24 volt remote control ignition

Ships with the following:

  • Pelican™ floatable case.
  • Top valve cutting torch.
  • Fifty foot umbilical assembly.
  • One 24 volt battery ignition.
  • One box of cutting rods.
  • Three 66 cubic foot 3000 psi oxygen cylinders.
  • Three 150 psi preset oxygen regulators.
  • Three CGA540 3000 psi oxygen cylinder valves.
  • Three 3000 psi oxygen gauges.
  • One remote ignition switch and ground clamp.
  • Precision float charger maintains batteries.
  • Instructional video online.
  • Very durable and reliable waterproof Pelican™ case.
  • The 50/50 lid to base ratio includes detachable lid.
  • Flotation rating: 500 lbs. (227 kgs) in saltwater.
  • Fold down handles.
  • Metal padlock protectors.
  • Polyurethane wheels with steel bearings.
  • System Weight: 175 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 46" x 26" x 17"
  • Ships in 1 box by truck.
  • Box 1: System.
  • Box 2: Battery Ignition.
  • Box 3: Flame cutting tubes.
  • NOTE: Ships UPS in three boxes.
  • Unit rolls or has side handles for ultimate portability. A serious cutting and welding asset for both land or marine applications.


mag9003 cutting system witht three cylinders for portable cutting, gouging and piercing on all materials

The first of its kind. The MAG9003 offers complete control over the ignition process. Press the remote control switch on the ground clamp or torch (depending upon where it is installed) and a solenoid closes allowing 24 volts of current to flow to the ground. Touching the cutting rod to the anything grounded will ignite the rod. Release the button and no additional current flows. A very handy feature.

A pragmatic unit shipping with a 24 volt remote control ignition system and 50’ umbilical for either land or underwater use. Patent pending.

exothermic remote control ignition system
Introducing a pioneering breakthrough and the first of its kind. Over two hours of cutting from a single charge. The cutting system is not only useful and practical, it represents the ultimate multi-tasking asset capable of cutting, gouging, piercing and even welding in special circumstances. For welding, consider a 36 volt ignition option. The 50’ umbilical is more than adequate for most repairs. As part of its integrated design, the new portable system not only performs from a solid platform, it also suffices as a flotation device in special circumstances.

The compact unit displays incredible power and the newly created remote ignition switch provides ultimate diver control over current with a mere squeeze of the trigger. For utility, the cylinders boast standard CGA540 fill valves for rapid filling at standard oxygen service locations.

Each system ships completely operational once the oxygen cylinders are filled at a local welding gas supplier. Fifty cutting rods are included providing a significant cutting yield. For those situations when a welding machine is not practical, the MAG9003™ can also double as a spot welder. Repair shafts, spot weld plates, fabricate brackets and much more. A precision brass manifold connects all three cylinders for single use or multiple cylinder use, yielding over an hour of potential cutting. A remote solenoid activated ignition switch allows operator to ignite flame cutting tubes with a simple arc.

MAG2001 cutting torch with optional exothermic remote control ignition

New remote control underwater waterproof switch places complete control of the ignition in the hands of the diver. Squeeze the torch lever to close the topside solenoid and cause 24 volts of current to flow through the torch to the ground. A second squeeze stops the current from flowing so the diver can cut only with oxygen.


We accommodate special orders and routinely provide technical cutting advice for marine and land applications.