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Top Valve Oxyarc Cutting Torch



mag2001x top valve marine cutting torch for flashback prevention


Run it in flame mode or in arc flame mode with a simple cable connection. An incredibly powerful and versatile torch capable of over 24 separate industrial processes with a mere change in operator hand position. Control the oxygen pressure and control the flame from an ergonomic valve lever.

Top VALVE cutting torch boasts a 4500 psi operating valve with stainless valve needle, stainless valve spring and ceramic valve ball. The precision valve displays low hand fatigue. The ceramic valve ball ensures voltage cannot arc between the valve ball and valve needle during ignition. Acme HEAD: The torch head boasts acme threads designed to discourage grit seizures in sandy environments. A mere quarter of a turn is sufficient to load and unload cutting rods.

Collet: Inside the head rests a collet with Viton washer for sealing cutting rods and preventing head leaks. A sintered cone sits behind the washer to catch any molten debris. In all, the MAG2001™ uses oxygen as the sole fuel elevating safety, convenience and reliability.

mag2001 cutting torch, top valve, for ultimate safety


We accommodate special orders and routinely provide technical cutting advice for marine and land applications.